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Keep your equipment stable in value!

Your media technology equipment is in the best hands with us. We have many years of experience and intensively trained employees. With our services you can ensure that your equipment remains fully functional and stable in value. No matter if beamers or monitors, with us you have a competent contact person for all defects.

Our service team is at your disposal
Mon - Th from 8:30-17:00, Fr from 8:30-16:00 we are available.

030 - 750 16-400

You have a problem?

Send a fault message and you will receive immediate assistance.

Our service for media technology

If you should discover defects, malfunctions or a drop in performance in your devices and systems, we are always available to help you with your media technology problems and will solve them quickly and professionally.

Projectors • Displays • Crossbars • Monitors • Cameras • Professional Video Technology • Media Control • Camcorders • Beamers • Video Recorders • Editing Control • and much more.

Our service for audio systems and sound reinforcement systems

Clear sound and good acoustics are a matter of course nowadays. Defective or faulty equipment can bring the most interesting lecture, the most successful presentation or an unforgettable concert to an all too quick end.

Do not sacrifice your sound experience. Have defective speakers, amplifiers or audio equipment repaired by our employees and quickly enjoy your personal sound again in the best quality and without annoying interference.

Audio DSPs • CD recorders • Microphones • Speakers • CD players • Audio Mixers • Amplifiers • and much more.

Our service for Voice Alarm System

Especially the complexity of the Voice Alarm System requires a regular check. These systems should be thoroughly maintained and tested at least every six months, better every quarter. As a DIN 14675 certified service provider, we can guarantee you high-quality maintenance of your Voice Alarm Systems.


With our measuring instruments we are always up to date with the latest media technology. Measurements and inspections of your plants and systems can thus be carried out in the shortest possible time. Thanks to our special technical equipment, checking and measuring the volume as well as the speech intelligibility (STIPA measurements) are no challenge at all and are carried out by us as quickly as possible.

SAA • Amplifier • Loudspeaker • Centrol Contrul Unit • Double Wiring • Call Station • ELA • and much more.

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Our service for broadcast

Professional cameras, equipment for magnetic recording (MAZ) and studio equipment are long-term and cost-intensive purchases. Therefore, it is all the more annoying if a defect and failure is found in these devices. In such cases we offer you fast, competent and manufacturer-independent remedy.

Camera • Microphone • Gatekeeper • Desktop-Systems • Control • Gateway Codec • Infrastructure • and much more.

Software – Upgrade – Training

We are happy to help you with technical changes, upgrades and optimizations. Software maintenance requires technical know how. To ensure that you enjoy working with your media technology systems and have a reliable command of all functions and processes, we offer training courses specifically for your systems. With theoretical and practical exercises, for example, we will give you an understanding of your complex video conference systems and media control systems. In this way, you will learn how to operate your system safely through simple measures and become familiar with it through our instructions.

Individual adjustment to your needs.

Whether maintenance, repair, standby service or questions about technology.

Service package

  • Our service packages are individually tailored to your needs and can include as components:
  • Maintenance, usage-dependent or according to a fixed schedule
  • Repair due to an error message or a customer call
  • Remote maintenance or remote diagnosis
  • Advice on the operation and expansion of your media technology
  • 24 h – Hotline
  • Defined reaction times according to requirements
  • Support for your event, directly or as a standby service
  • Rental of equipment to supplement

Additional services

On request, we can provide you with rental equipment during the repair.

Especially for time-critical applications, where in case of error or problem the reaction time plays a major role, maintenance contracts can save you a lot of worries.

Individual adjustment to your needs.

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