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Nowhere is the range of requirement for professional audio technology as diverse as it is in theatres, opera houses, and other venues. From simple voice amplification to immersive sound installations and the powerful sound pressure of rock & roll events, clean reproduction with a realistic directional reference is necessary.

We work with the relevant top manufacturers to meet even the most complex requirements. Room simulation and calibration round out our portfolio of services.

Whether it’s a multipurpose facility or a theatre specifically equipped for acting, opera, operetta, musicals, or dance, we are your expert partner.

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Theaterton has high standards for audio technology.

Sound aesthetics in the entire audience area

Opera acoustics

Theatres and opera houses often feature outstanding room acoustics that do not require any electroacoustic amplification.

Modern staging, intentional surround effects, and innovative sets mean that almost all performances require electroacoustic support.

Leveraging of all technical capabilities

Orchestra recordings

Wireless microphone technology with often more than 60 channels, linkage of half- and full-playbacks, mixing console automation incl. artist administration, in-ear monitoring, recording for internet release – these are just a few examples found in contemporary performances.

Staging in musicals – virtual sound images

PA Systems

Musical productions are grand illusions that present an atmosphere to the audience. The tasks that we take care of range from multichannel playback to complex, immersive sound systems including harmonised room acoustics.

Stage sound for perfect localisation

Centre channels

An important theme is the playback of highly diverse noises. Whether it’s a telephone ringing, thunder, or barking dogs, centre channels installed at selected positions ensure the required directional definition.

Large-scale mixing consoles and audio networks

Mixing consoles and audio networks are the nucleus of audio technology. Both make key contributions to the success of any performance. Operational reliability through console redundancy is just as relevant as performance reproducibility by means of automation.

An audio network often interconnects several consoles, including DAW input devices, that must be operated at the same time.

Aurus from Stage Tec

The large Aurus mixing consoles from Stage Tec with the NEXUS audio routing system are better integrated with each other and more flexible than those of almost any other manufacturer.
Unlike the consoles of other manufacturers, Stage Tec mixing consoles do not have their own audio matrix: the console itself is part of the matrix.

Yamaha PM10

Operation, functionality and extensibility – not to mention sound quality – are all synonymous with the Yamaha brand and have remained industry standards to this day.

The latest generation, RIVAGE PM10, comes with new software and hardware.

DIgiCo SD7

Digital stealth processing is main feature of the SD7 from DigiCo. With Super-FPGA technology, it offers previously undreamt of I/O functions: 256 processing paths at 48 kHz / 96 kHz.


D & B Line array V12

The V series from manufacturer D&B is the high-efficiency line array solution with broadband directivity dispersion control.
With its integrated 3-point rigging system, this loudspeaker can be flown in vertical arrays – just like all the loudspeakers in the V series.

L Acoustics Kiva

Particularly suitable for the performing arts and unique events in which loudspeakers would ideally disappear, this ultra-compact power source from L-Acoustics is the first choice for installation.

In comparison to its predecessor, KIVA II from L-Acoustics offers maximum sound pressure of 6 dB and maximum amplifier density with an impedance of 16 Ohm at a weight of just 14 kg.

Alcons Audio QR24

The QR24 from Alcons Audio is a modular 2-way column loudspeaker that can be used as a vertical array system for both permanent and (limited) portable applications.

It combines completely natural, dynamic sound reproduction with outstanding intelligibility and range, even in the most acoustically complex environments.

Wireless microphone technology & in-ear monitoring

Shure Axcient Digital

For 100% interference-free transmission, Axcient Digital from Shure is the digital wireless system with modern encryption technology, True Digital Diversity, Quadversity, and high-density mode.

This wireless system is predestined for the world’s largest productions and events. Its low latency, linear frequency response, and various digital outputs for transparent, authentic sound are impressive.

Shure ULX-D

The ULX-D wireless system from Shure with 24-bit audio resolution and linear frequency response ensures accurate, authentic sound reproduction.

This wireless microphone unit can be operated as required with AA or rechargeable batteries, which guarantees permanent operation for up to 9 hours and allows it to be remotely monitored. Wiretap-proof radio transmission in accordance with AES-256 encryption is also ensured.

Sennheiser Digital 6000

The Digital 6000 series from Sennheiser functions intermodulation-free with an equidistant frequency raster.

Long-range mode (LR mode) is responsible for unmatched quality, while link-density mode (LD mode) doubles the number of possible channels.

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