The Wireless Presentation System ClickShare

The most intuitive user experience for better collaboration in meetings

Barco Clickshare – More than just video conferencing

The revolutionary collaboration system

ClickShare CSE 200 Meetingrooms

As an element of video conferencing technology, Barco developed the product ClickShare, a revolutionary collaboration system that allows participants in a video conference to share the contents of their laptop wirelessly with just one click.

As a master of image reproduction in every situation, Barco is taking an important part of the path of optimized video conferencing with its customers. For this purpose Barco has developed ClickShare, the innovative and user-friendly solution for every meeting room.

With the practical Barco ClickShare button you integrate your mobile device wirelessly into any video conference and share your content with the other participants. However, Barco ClickShare is only one of several innovative presentation systems from the renowned manufacturer.

You are only one click away from a new meeting culture.

The latest Barco ClickShare generation - CS-100 Huddle & CSE-200+

Presentation without problems

Simply share what’s on your laptop or mobile device on the main presentation screen.

No trouble. No annoying wires. Simply share content confidently and quickly.

Three simple steps to the perfect presentation

1. Connect

With ClickShare, you can connect your notebook, tablet or smartphone to the video technology of the conference room at the touch of a button. Several participants can switch on their presentation with a single click and share and display content in a clearer way than ever before. Black screens, wrong screen resolution or incorrect presentation displays are a thing of the past with the Barco ClickShare system. Experience a completely new meeting culture with just one click!

Intuitive, simple and convincing

Eine Hand die das ClickShare mit einen Laptop verbindet

Wireless transmission

Barco Clickshare

2. Click

With just one click on the button, the content currently visible on your notebook is displayed on the conference room screen. Experience the simplicity and advantages of this system.

Think about how much time your employees lose these days trying to connect notebooks to the media system in the conference room.

With Barco ClickShare the search for the right connection cable is over. Already after one single use you will be enthusiastic and convinced of this innovative technology. Ensure new dynamics and higher efficiency in your conference rooms.

3. Pass on

  • Wireless transmission of the screen content via the USB interface of the PC/notebook.
  • No software required on the PC.
  • Contents of up to four meeting participants can be displayed simultaneously and clearly arranged.
  • Reliable and stable WLAN transmission over 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.
  • Existing WLAN network is not used.

Intuitive, simple and convincing.

zwei Computer mit Clickshare angesteckt welches von Person aktiviert wird
Mobile Geräte mit Tabellen

Compatible with iOS and Android

Laptop? Tablet? Smartphone? No problem.

Share your content  no matter what device you use. Connect to the button to transfer content from your laptop. Or use the free  ClickShare-App for mobile devices  – available for Android and iOS.

Why ClickShare?

Cs Tech Vid

Easy to use with a button or app for iOS or Android.

Cs Tech Audio

No training required.

Minimal IT support required, saves time & money.

Cs Tech Ghz

Easy to integrate.

Cs Tech Software

No software needs to be downloaded to the laptop.

In the video: The demonstration of simplicity!

Our customers love ClickShare because it is so easy to use.

In the video: The demonstration of the CS-100 Huddle!

The ideal solution for spontaneous meetings!

Technical details

CS-100 Huddle, CSE-200+, CS-100, CSE-200 & CSC-800


all Clickshare - models

  • Perfect, easy use for wireless image and sound transmission.
  • USB button available for all models.
  • iOS / Android, Mac & Windows clients can connect via software.
  • Network integrated operation possible
  • Central management of the systems.
  • Firmware update possible.
  • Admin web interface.
  • API available for integration with other systems.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • HDMI output.
CS-100Barco CS 100 dargestellt mit weißen HintergrundBarco CSE 200 dargestellt mit weißen HintergrundCSE200+ mit weißem HintergrundBarco CSE 800 dargestellt mit weißen Hintergrund

CS-100 Huddle

Ideal for spontaneous meetings where creative content needs to be shared quickly in huddle spaces or meeting rooms. With the ClickShare app, even participants without a ClickShare button can now share content for everyone.


Ideal for small meeting rooms where content must be shared. This stand-alone model delivers Full HD to the meeting room display and includes a button for instant sharing.


For corporations that require higher security functions or centralized management. The CSE-200 delivers Full HD and includes two buttons on the screen for simultaneous sharing by two people.


The CSE-200+ is ideal for medium-sized companies. An advanced security feature and a variety of interaction functions on a 4k screen simplifies creative meetings.


When larger companies expect the best possible results from conferences and board meetings, the dual output of the CSC-800 allows four users to share the screen simultaneously.
USB - Button in scope of delivery01224
HDMI out1xHD1xHD1xHD1x4K2x4K
HDMI Eingang (externes Gerät anzeigen)nononoyesyes
Max. User88161664
Airplay / Google Castnonoyesyesyes
Windows Wireless Display Portnononoyesno
Interactivity Supportnonopartlyyesyes
Integrated access pointnoyesyesyesyes
Optional warranty extensionnonoyes, 2 yearsyes, 2 yearsyes, 2 years
Firmware upgrades includednonoyesyesyes

See for yourself

Contact us and get to know the possibilities

Take advantage of this technical progress for your company, institution or educational establishment. Make meetings easier for you and your employees and get the maximum effectiveness out of your meetings.

With the Barco ClickShare system you are only one click away from simplicity.

More about Barco

A brief look at the history of Barco

Barco Clickshare – more than just video conferencing

It all began in 1934, when Lucien De Puydt founded his Flemish technology company, the Belgian American Radio Corporation (BARCO). The aim of this ambitious young entrepreneur was to supply Flanders with the most important high-tech consumer product at that time: self-produced radios. Over the next 30 years, Barco expanded its product range to include innovative television technology, weaving machine controls and automation solutions developed specifically for the textile industry. Barco entered the world of video technology in 1979 with video projectors for aircraft.

Focus shifts to video monitors

The great success of Barco video monitors motivated the company to continue its research in this direction, resulting in award-winning video monitors for television studios and medical displays. Within a short time Barco established itself as the market leader in this segment. Continuous research in the field of reproduction finally led to the first rear-projection boardroom solutions in the 1990s, which resulted in the first IntelliRoom concept just in time for the turn of the millennium. Barco’s IntelliRoom now enabled high quality, multi-site video conferencing. Projectors, displays and video walls from Barco became synonymous in the medical and media world for the visual representation of a wide variety of recordings at the highest level.

Today, the video conferencing solution Clickshare is considered the logical consequence of product development.

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