The LifeSize Icon 700 Room System

A new generation of video conferencing systems

Videoconference 3.0 – Experience video conferencing in a new way


All participants of a meeting sit in one room, even if they are thousands of kilometres apart. Video 3.0 shows crystal clear images and transmits the voices of all participants – whether they are standing or sitting. The whole thing can be conducted intuitively with a touch screen. So you can concentrate fully on the people.


For real? For real!

Lifesize has revolutionized video communication through fascinating experiences.

True to life 4K picture quality, HD content sharing, superior sound and a stunningly powerful zoom provide a meeting experience 10 times better than anything else on the market.

Lifesize® Icon 700 ™ provides an unparalleled communication and collaboration experience that makes it easy to connect for a conversation or conduct a high-profile meeting.

The unsurpassed 4K cloud video conferencing experience

The new reference in the Icon Series: The Lifesize Icon 700

A difference you can see, hear and feel.

Very big cinema

Very little effort

Sharp image and crystal clear sound. Lifesize Icon 700 is the best that conference technology has to offer today. So you can hear and see exactly what the far-flung participants of your meeting really mean. Because the truth is in the details.

4 Bilder mit Menschen die arbeiten, auf Stühlen sitzen und lachen

The facts for experts


  • The world’s first video conferencing system with full 4K resolution (3,840×2,160 pixels) in video stream and content stream./li>
  • High resolution images.
  • 20 x optical + digital zoom with high light sensitivity.


  • Ultra wideband audio codecpus audio
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Highly effective noise reduction
  • Voice pick-up

Technology and operation

  • Integration with Lifesize Cloud Services
  • Intuitively operated touch screen

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    The Lifesize Icon 700 Key Features

    Increase your expectations of project communication.

    Bring meetings to life.

    Unsurpassed 4K video and stunning 4K full motion content sharing.

    Don’t miss a word.

    Incredible audio with improved noise reduction and voice recording.

    Simple touch screen control.

    Lifesize® PhoneTM HD is your customizable command center for audio communications, web communications, and video communications.

    Uncompromising value.

    Expect the extraordinary – at a resounding price.

    Proceed with confidence.

    Durable life cycle system and high performance system designed for reliability.

    Immersive experience.

    With dual-screen support, you can share your presentation and interaction with active video participants.

    Schwarze LifeSize 700 Kamera halb schräge Perspektive

    See every detail.

    Powerful 20x zoom enhances collaboration and engagement.

    Cloud First Design.

    Seamless integration with Lifesize Cloud-based service for a comprehensive offering. The solution for audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing.

    Flexibility in the meeting room.

    Integrated 4K camera with full pan/tilt/zoom control.

    Passion with the customer.

    Backed by an award-winning success team with individual support across the entire meeting solution.

    Lifesize Phone Hd Header


    Experience video conferencing in a new way!

    Outstanding is the newly developed audio unit. With an unbelievable radius of 5 to 8 meters, it allows even large groups of participants to be recorded. Standing persons are detected just as well as colleagues sitting at the table. In addition, the complete system can be operated easily and intuitively via a touch screen.

    But the new series is only one element in a highly innovative video conferencing solution. LifeSize Icon integrates seamlessly into the solutions shown below.


    LifeSize UVC – Virtualization of your video conferencing infrastructure

    Your hardware and our conference products – a dream team. We adapt seamlessly to your technology. As VM-Ware or Microsoft Hyper V. And if it’s really not enough, we have the right supplies.

    Building blocks of the UVC platform:

    • Firewall Traversal – Secures your communication beyond company boundaries.
    • Gatekeeper – call routing to the correct receiver.
    • Administration – module for effective management of the video conferencing systems and infrastructure.
    • Multipoint Server – Scalable conference rooms for joint meetings.
    • Video centre – recording and streaming function.
    • Lync Connection – For integration into the UC environment of your company.
    • Mobile Solution – Solution for the flexible integration of your customers and employees in conversations.
    Lifesize Structur
    Lifesize Geraete


    LifeSize ClearSea. An incredibly powerful platform for flexible, mobile and intuitive integration

    The users of mobile devices from Apple, Samsung and all other well-known manufacturers are calling for it: You too would like to participate in video conferences of your company. Just like your employees on laptops or stationary computers.

    The solution for this is a video conference server that integrates seamlessly and completely into the existing technology. For the user, there is no difference whether he is calling a stationary video conference system in a conference room or a colleague on the iPhone: both are just a click away. This means that any number of participants can communicate with each other simultaneously in a lifelike manner. A meeting or short vote is thus quickly set up and effectively carried out.

    Professional quality allows you to communicate more efficiently without additional effort. Your system is on-site at your company and thus 100% integrated within your security structure.

    LifeSize Cloud

    The solution for a complete video conferencing solution without own infrastructure

    All of them work somewhere in the world and still attend a meeting. They all use their own smartphones, laptops, audio and video equipment and yet have no conference technology. External servers make this possible – our strong outsourcing offer. Meetings are easy, inexpensive and extremely effective.

    Secure, reliable, fast, simple and cost-effective are attributes that speak for this video conferencing offer.

    You and all authorized colleagues, partners and project participants can dial in to an external video conferencing server and start your meetings immediately.

    Your existing room systems can be integrated as well as any computer or mobile device. This way your communication is simple, effective and you can concentrate fully on your business.

    Videokonferenztechnik Cloud