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PIK AG can offer you the entire range of services from planning and installation to the turnkey handover of your conference rooms.

And this does not stop at the pure conference technology, but can also be extended to the entire interior design, including lighting technology and furnishings, if desired.

You decide how far you want us to go.

We have the ideas to help you keep up in an increasingly demanding world and make your communication more efficient. Our solutions are used worldwide by companies of all sizes.

You too can get an idea of our services.

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  • Installation and commissioning from one source
  • User-friendliness for high demands
  • High working comfort
  • Convincing durability of your investment

Individually tailored solutions for the conference room with integrated conference room technology


The elements that we include in our creative development work are individually tailored to you and harmoniously configured.

Furniture for maximum working comfort, lighting concepts for high demands and conference room technology for optimum dialogue including the possibility of holding an efficient video conference complement each other to form a harmonious whole.

We design the conference room and the conference room technology integrated into it according to three criteria:

They combine convincing functionality with high-quality comfort and an attractive appearance, creating a professional ambience for meetings, video conferences or conferences.

Konferenzraum Tisch

Your conference room as a hotspot of business success

In a conference room, it is important to integrate highly functional conference room technology into a room in which you can feel at home in the long term. In order to develop a harmonious room concept that makes video conferencing and seminars, presentations and meetings efficient and successful, we work with partners who know their trade and have excellent references.

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So that you can enjoy your new technology for a long time to come, we also offer you the appropriate service. From the installation, technical support to the maintenance contract.

Just talk to us. We will be happy to advise you without obligation.

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    Get to know our network of high-performance partners.

    An extract.


    Conference room furniture and conference room technology in one.

    Holzmedia offers media furniture whose functional technology is unobtrusively but effectively integrated. The portfolio includes conference tables with media technology, modern whiteboard steles and projection furniture.

    Holzmedia offers media furniture whose functional technology is unobtrusively but effectively integrated.

    First-class conference room technology packaged in attractive furniture is the concept of the high-performance manufacturer, whose expertise is based on more than 100 years of experience.

    The results of sustainable development work are innovative products for which the company has received a number of valuable awards.

    Sennheiser Partner Logo

    Ceiling microphones with unique patents.

    Sennheiser offers sophisticated sound technology for unrestricted freedom of movement for every conference topic.

    Deckenmikrofon Sennheiser
    Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2

    The highly innovative TeamConnect Ceiling 2

    The ceiling microphone with automatic speaker position detection and dynamic beamforming for best speech intelligibility.

    TeamConnect Ceiling 2 achieves excellent sound quality for video conferences or meetings in meeting rooms of medium to maximum size. In addition, the system scores points with its convenient operation for the user and optimal configuration with all Microsoft products. In a video conference or a presence meeting, the system offers the advantage that, thanks to the beamforming technology, there are no annoying obstacles caused by cable clutter or microphones.

    Conference room technology for high demands!

    With Sennheiser’s patented technology, it is possible to receive the speaker’s voice in high quality anywhere in the conference room.

    This will be of particular benefit to users who will switch to Microsoft Teams after the planned discontinuation of Skype for Business and who appreciate first-class configured ceiling microphones for video conferencing.

    Soundbutler Konferenzraum

    With Phoneon, the name is program.

    Conference room technology for the ideal sound experience.

    Phoneon Soundbutler

    The acoustics are, along with the image technology, the be-all and end-all of a target-oriented conference room technology. Anyone who appreciates a video conference or an easily understandable lecture knows how important sound quality is in this context.

    The Sound Butler® from Phoneon guarantees you room acoustics that meet high standards. It improves the intelligibility of video conferences & Co. by pleasingly minimizing room resonances.

    Phoneon Soundbutler Farben

    Annoying droning or halls in the conference room are professionally avoided. The climate of the room acoustics will convince you and make the video conference, meeting, negotiations and presentations, seminars and lectures a trouble-free experience.



    Microflex Complete Wireless (MXCW) unleashes the potential of your teams to perform their tasks. best. The wireless conference system turns every room into a meeting room.

    Highest functionality and scalability for board meeting rooms, parliamentary chambers and courtrooms with up to 3,800 participants and 31 interpreter channels.

    Microflex Complete Wireless offers you the Shure-typical reliability for up to 125 microphone units and 8 interpreter channels for external meetings in rooms with flexible seating arrangements or in historical buildings.

    Microflex Complete Wireless

    MICROFLEX® ADVANCE™ MXA910 ceiling microforn array with Intellimix

    Shure Microflex Advance Array Microphones with revolutionary features

    These ceiling microphones are probably the most versatile solution in the conference rooms of the world. The elegant solution in a discreet design accurately reproduces the full range of the human voice.

    SHURE Deckenmikrofon Awards

    Get to know the advantages of our complete conference room solutions.

    Conference room technology from professionals. For over 30 years.

    Communication is an indispensable factor in modern business life.

    A well thought-out conference room serves to literally bring all participants to one table. It provides the framework for excellent work results through an optimal conference experience for the participants. The conference room technology enables communication between the participants at a level that meets high demands, such as those of a worldwide video conference.

    However, this is only possible if the individual components of this technology are seamlessly interlinked. Presentation technology, which stages the relevant content in words and pictures, is just as important as the possibility of making the conference available to participants from all over the world via audiovisual media and making it an efficient video conference.

    Konferenzraum mit Möbel von Holzmedia

    Whether space or technology: All elements are designed by us professionally and precisely, practice-oriented and always personal.

    If we plan a conference room with high quality technology (for example with equipment for video conferencing), we will realize this according to your needs and always holistically.

    Furniture and technology are planned together so that you can experience your conference room and conference room technology from one source. For you, this means harmoniously interlocking components that work in synergy and offer you maximum added value. Form and colour, sound and light form a harmonious whole together with the function, from which you will benefit optimally in a video conference and meeting.

    For planning and project management, we naturally offer you professional installation of conference room technology, which is carried out by our qualified employees using the most modern equipment. Even after the commissioning of the sophisticated conference room technology, which flexibly enables every communication solution from the classic meeting to the video conference with international participants, we are always there for you. Our service also includes consistent maintenance, changes according to requirements and possible repairs. Please also check our Managed Service.

    No two companies are alike.

    The objectives are as varied as the working methods used to achieve these objectives or the demands made by participants on video conferencing or other forms of teamwork. As a result, a conference room with its conference room technology must also be planned individually so that optimal work can be made possible.

    The basis of our cooperation is therefore a constructive initial discussion in which you describe your requirements for your new conference room, for example for holding a video conference, as precisely as possible. We would be happy to combine this with a tour of the company so that you can gain a comprehensive impression of the planned solution.


    We meet your requirements with a technical feasibility that will convince you.

    Standard solutions are not our claim. We focus on individually tailored solutions that really help you get ahead.

    In order to develop the optimal solution for you, we offer you expertise, experience and an extra portion of creativity. In a non-binding offer, we break down your investment for the planned conference room and the conference room technology required in it completely and transparently.

    Konferenzraumtechnik aus Berlin
    Monitor für Videokonferenz

    Professional planning is the beginning of everything.

    This applies to the furniture in your conference room as well as to the technical requirements for an optimal video conference.

    When we develop your conference room, including the high-quality conference room technology, we consistently orient ourselves to your requirement profile. We bring experts on board who have convinced us with their competence and creativity. Architects and technical experts provide us with valuable support, with which we can offer you practical and tailor-made solutions.

    You need a technology for sophisticated presentations of your products? Is video conferencing important to you, networking you with employees or customers all over the world? Do you rely on a conference room in which the furniture can be adapted to different numbers of participants? No matter what you have in mind – tell us in the briefing and we will score points with a well thought-out implementation of conference room and conference room technology in your company

    Practical project implementation

    Practical relevance is the most important maxim in our project realisation. Because the best conference room and the most modern conference room technology are of no use if they are not tailored to your needs. If, for example, you value video conferencing as an important part of your work, we will consistently integrate it into the conference room technology. The same applies to the presentation technology, such as digital whiteboards, which are used to optimum effect in a state-of-the-art conference room.

    Professional conference room technology for meetings and video conferences is only linked to maximum success if it functions smoothly.

    After the installation of all components of the conference room technology, which guarantee you a high level of quality from the video conference to the product presentation, we conscientiously check that everything works perfectly. Sound and image, function and comfort: everything is checked by us to the highest standards so that your new conference room offers optimum added value for the next video conference or your next important presentation.

    Your conference room and the included conference room technology are always associated with design and comfort requirements.

    Should the conference room be modern or stylish? Do you appreciate robust equipment that is convincingly durable and can be expanded as needed? Is a representative ambience important to you? We guarantee the custom-fit implementation of your requirements and also have first-class solutions for extraordinary challenges.

    Huddle Room Videokonferenz Ausstattung

    The conference room for your requirement profile

    Perfect solutions. Individual and ultra-modern.

    Every company has different demands on the optimal conference room and the conference room technology implemented in it.

    The large corporation needs solutions that are designed for a large number of participants. Video conferencing is often an indispensable requirement for the conference room. Trade fair companies also have a similar need. If, on the other hand, a hotel offers a conference room for its business customers, it is often designed to be more manageable. In general, the more spacious a conference room is, the more extensive the requirements profile for the associated conference room technology is, so that sound and image enable a first-class video conference or presentation.

    Screen sizes and display resolution, streaming for video conferencing or beamers for product presentations are all perfectly matched. Special attention is paid to the size of the room and the seating arrangement in the conference room to ensure that the staging is a positive experience for all participants in sound and vision. Your conference room technology is designed by our experts from one source. You can therefore be sure that the configurations interlock optimally, that installations are not only functional but also resource-saving for your IT and that worldwide communication via video conferencing is made possible by smart technology.

    Media technology is always associated with new innovations. Video conferencing is a good example of this. We do not rest on successful developments, but offer conference room technology always at the most modern level. This way you are always up to date and your conference room gets a representative character.

    Modern whiteboards – Efficient & innovative

    Interactive teamwork

    Touch screens or interactive whiteboards allow you to intuitively edit and move documents or insert handwritten explanations.

    In combination with video conferencing solutions, efficient working methods are the result. With the touch of a finger you can sort documents, call up presentations or bring colleagues directly to their conference table via video conferencing. This opens up completely new, efficient and time-saving working possibilities for your company, institution or educational establishment.

    Surface Hub

    Microsoft Surface HUB 2S

    Samsung Flip

    Samsung Flip

    Holzmedia Medienstele W8 Flip

    Holzmedia Medienstele W8 Flip

    Konferenztechnik Berlin PIK AG

    Optimally tailored to your needs

    Benefit from our consulting expertise and let us put together a conference room that is optimally adapted to the spatial requirements and your individual needs.

    We are happy to support you in financing with the help of our leasing and financing partners.

    We have already successfully equipped several hundreds of conference rooms with media and conference technology, including RBB, Max Planck Society, Free University, Technical University, Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt and many more.