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Modern communications, media, sound, and lighting technology are essential for the success of venues such as open air stages or theatres and concert halls.

PIK AG is your professional partner for event technology – from installation and implementation to maintenance.

Whether you require an individually harmonised prompt desk or high-performance light and sound systems, we will find the right equipment to satisfy your needs.

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As specialists for event technology, the experts at PIK AG implement solutions that satisfy your professional expectations.

  • Professional lighting technology as one of stage technology’s design elements sets artists or exhibits in scene and adapts the atmosphere in the space to the specific situation.
  • The prompt desks installed by the experts at PIK AG optimise uncomplicated, effective communications at any venue.
  • Our many years of experience and full service from installation to maintenance are an important pillar of your success.

Modern sound, lighting, and theatre technology for professional use

Professional theatre technology does not unfold the desired effect until it uses optimally harmonised components.

  • High-performance lighting and sound systems for radio and television broadcasters as permanently installed or mobile stage technology.
  • Acoustically complex spaces such as those inside churches require individually adapted sound technology.

Lighting technology

Lighting technology as a design element for events

For several decades, our experts have inspired customers with their know-how around innovative media and presentation technology.


Individually adapted lighting compositions consisting of a varied range of lighting elements – from floodlights to spotlights large and small – create the desired effects.

Audio technology

Professional audio technology satisfies individual requirements

Invisible integration of the optimal sound technology into the space’s architecture without adversely impacting its performance often poses a real challenge.


Whether it’s a multipurpose facility or a theatre specifically equipped for acting, opera, operetta, musicals, or dance, our portfolio is sure to satisfy your requirements.

Stage Management Systems

Stage Management Systems for professional communications backstage


Stage Management Systems are electroacoustic systems at the heart of backstage communications from theatres to concert halls.

The systems control the overall, second-by-second unfolding of a performance by means of verbal communication and audio and light cues backstage. A complex system with various tasks, the system is divided into communications technology, electroacoustic technology, and media technology.

We provide you with advice from our experts and put together a system adapted to your requirements or enhance your existing system.

Co-ordinating, controlling, and monitoring of Stage Management Systems

Stage Management Systems cover an area with diverse applications. Paging and intercom systems connect the desks to artists’ dressing rooms, the orchestra pit, or signal boxes and other locations. The system uses backstage light signals to inform artists when it is time for their entrance – down to the second. Comprehensive requirements that a system must satisfy to individually adapt to your needs, which we are familiar with due to many years of collaboration with producers.

Stage Management Systems components

Stage Management Systems have three key components that ensure the safe, professional unfolding of a performance.

  • Communications technology takes care of the connection among the various responsible parties.
  • The electroacoustic component of the system was designed for one-sided communication such as calls or alarms.
  • Media technology controls all the connected media, processes, light cues, and video systems.

Intercom systems and networks


Intercom systems for professional communications

Intercom systems are among the indispensable means of communication that ensure smooth processes backstage.

They connect the unit manager, stage technicians, prompters and many of the other parties involved. They are available as partyline systems, 4-wire applications, or matrix platforms. The advantages provided by intercom systems are primarily related to interconnected communication that is quickly and perfectly harmonised with requirements.

Intercom systems as innovative communications networks

The advantage of this modern communications technology is simple interconnection and the related broad field of application. Whether it’s in stadiums, concert halls, or on cruise ships, with an intercom system adapted to your individual requirements, you can communicate with each other perfectly in any situation and have a high-performance communications infrastructure.

Advantages of routers

The many signals within a network infrastructure require the efficient, safe merging of intercom, video, audios, and data signals. We offer you this expertise and will design a solution for your network infrastructure that is adapted to your needs.

Digital signage in the event sector

With digital signage, you inform the visitors to a wide range of events about their content and provide comprehensive, interesting background information. In other words, digital signage is the digital version of the information leaflet.

Electroacoustic technology ensures security

With electroacoustic systems, you guarantee maximum on-site event security. Whether it’s a stand-alone system or integrated into your network infrastructure, the experts at PIK AG take care of security.

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