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Digital signage is much more than just another element of the advertising and marketing mix. With digital signage, you enter into a virtual interaction with your customers directly at the place of action – namely at the POS or POI. You convince with appealingly prepared messages, create real added value and stand out from your competitors. The result is a measurable success through higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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We offer you all relevant services in the field of digital signage. Starting with the conception and consulting, installation and user training up to service and maintenance of media technology, we are at your disposal with a lot of experience, a friendly, competent team and first-class technical know how. With us, you have a strong partner at your side for the development of a successful digital signage network!

The first and most important step is always a comprehensive needs assessment. Because only when you know where you want to go and what your concrete destination is, can suitable solutions be found. Taking into account the available financial resources, the spatial environment, the specific target group and, last but not least, the corporate identity of your company, we create viable digital signature solutions in close consultation with you. In doing so, we not only consider questions such as the correct number of screens to be installed, but also take your very personal content strategy into account: Do you primarily want to offer texts on the display or rather pictures, videos or a live stream? And finally, it must be clarified by when the project is to be realized. This is the only way to avoid annoying delays that would cost you money and time.

Point of Sale & Point of Information

Am Point of Sale oder am Point of Information schaffen wir durch modernste Medientechnik ein hohes Maß an Unterhaltung und Bereitschaft, die angebotenen Informationen aufzunehmen.

Depending on your needs and budget, we offer you a wide range of solutions. Roughly speaking, our range of POS/POI services covers the following areas:

  • Single user versions with small monitor up to a video wall
  • Networked points with almost unlimited number of systems
  • Nationwide networking via DSL or live streaming via satellite

With networking you create maximum flexibility. You can create your own TV programme and insert targeted information and advertising.

Whether doctor’s office, pharmacy or church – we bring information, advertising or an entire television program to the place where your target group is located.

For this purpose, we have already connected many systems nationwide by live streaming via satellite. In this way, for example, we have set up our own small television station for doctors’ practices, which allows new, up-to-date information to be fed into the system within seconds.

Modern information systems offer you the opportunity to disseminate information quickly and widely, thus significantly increasing the awareness of your company. So use your potential from now on and let us tailor an individual solution for your company.

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So that you can enjoy your new technology for a long time to come, we also offer you the appropriate service. From the installation, technical support to the maintenance contract.

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    Ideal for many purposes.

    Always close to the customer.

    Modern digital signage solutions can be used for many different purposes.

    Wherever people should be provided with information or encouraged to buy, sustainable results can be achieved with manageable effort. Among the most important types of systems:

    Sales systems:

    In the area of sales systems, a wide variety of operator terminals and purchase terminals can be found. These include ticket vending machines as well as the so-called instore webshop terminals. These are dialog-capable devices with which an online purchase can be processed in the middle of the stationary trade.

    Guidance systems:

    Guidance systems are used wherever customer flows or individual visitors are to be guided and directed in a targeted manner. In addition to pure guidance measures, display boards at railway stations and airports also belong to this category as information systems.

    Kiosk systems:

    These include so-called self-service stations, such as the increasingly common self-checkout checkouts. They also include terminals for requesting points in customer loyalty programs such as Payback or similar offers. The same applies to individual prescription advisors with a link to social media or the fascinating hologram effects of smart mirror solutions (displays integrated into special mirrors).

    Ambience solutions:

    With oversized video walls as an element of a sales-promoting and brand-strategically effective store design, you increase the potential for sales increases and positively influence the atmosphere in the store.

    General sales support:

    More and more often, advertising campaigns are implemented with the help of multimedia elements. Digital signage solutions ensure an effective product presentation.

    Context-related sales support:

    This involves the presentation of advertising messages that specifically address the current context of the customer, i.e. a display showing a suitable other article for the product on offer (e.g. a certain type of ham with baguette on the baking stand).

    Sales support solutions:

    These devices from the digital signage sector are mainly found in DIY stores and home improvement stores. Usually consisting of a relatively small monitor and an audio system, information about specific products found in the immediate vicinity of the device is reproduced (often in a continuous loop).

    Digital SignaDigital Signage Berlin Pikge

    It makes sense

    Set visual stimuli

    Modern digital signage solutions help you to target specific target groups and distribute individual messages in no time at all via multimedia information elements. Furthermore, interactive shop solutions can effectively encourage customers to buy. Audiovisual content can be played on different devices at different locations. Control can be either local or via a central console.

    As a contemporary replacement for classic posters, pop-ups and banners, the digital signage concept offers customers as well as visitors and other interested parties a significantly higher quality brand experience. This is not least because the content displayed can be changed within a very short time. This means that, depending on the location and purpose of use, the current needs of the respective target group can be met precisely.

    Digital Signage

    Full control

    Contemporary and impressive.

    For you as a provider, the integration of suitable apps and the use of interactive touch solutions makes operation very easy. As a rule, this is done via an easy-to-use content management system (CMS). The devices used can be used with pure text as well as with animated displays, videos, images and even interactive applications and websites. For each individual device it is also possible to create a playlist with time-controlled changing content. In addition to manual control, automation via interfaces to other systems such as a merchandise management system, certain online portals or the intranet is also conceivable.

    only what is good will prevail

    In the course of time, digital signage has changed a lot. Many concepts of the first years are long forgotten. Only solutions that offer real advantages for customers and entrepreneurs have been implemented and remained strong in the long term.

    It is always important to provide the user with the highest possible added value. The focus here is primarily on the areas of experience and service. There is no future for what bothers customers and visitors more than it benefits!

    If you want to hit the bull’s eye here and avoid bad investments in media technology, you should definitely seek expert advice before deciding on a particular digital signage system.

    This is the only way to ensure from the very beginning that you get exactly the solution that best suits your individual needs and really appeals to your target group.

    We for you.

    With experience and competence.

    Due to the fact that the digital signage market is extremely specialized and that there are many suppliers with different focuses for practically every single area, the choice of the appropriate information systems must be approached with care and a great deal of experience. The wide range of different services, fluctuating prices and different compatibilities do not make an economically optimal choice easy. You are therefore well advised to rely on the experience and knowledge of real experts.

    We at PIK AG will be glad to help you with the very individual combination of suitable components for a successful digital signage solution.

    As a full-service digital signage consultancy, we define, find, evaluate and procure all necessary elements for you. Take advantage of our expertise and benefit from an implementation focused on the goal.

    We look forward to getting to know you and your ideas!

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    What is Digital Signage?

    The road to digitisation is unstoppable. Whether in schools, at conferences, on trains, at airports or in retail. No matter where you look, everywhere you see large-format displays, often with a touch surface, which are pleasant to use.

    The term digital signage plays a major role in this context. It describes the use of digital display systems for the targeted communication of a very specific target group. This in turn enables companies to convey an individual message quickly and effectively at different locations simultaneously. According to the “Digital Signage Yearbook 2015/2016” and “Invidis 2015”, this market is growing at double-digit rates every year.

    What are the fields of application for digital signage?

    Digital signage is divided into two areas. On the one hand, there is the customer approach in the store (POS – Point of Sale) and the communication with a target group at certain places (POI – Point of Interest).

    POS: Here, sales and additional purchases are to be increased first and foremost. A good example of this are screens at cash registers or next to certain products, which should explain how they work or draw attention to certain offers.

    POI: We often see communication with a target group at airports or train stations, where passengers alternately see information such as weather, news and advertising.

    A further distinction is made according to perception. If the customers pass a screen on an escalator and perceive the advertisement, it is a passage situation. If customers are waiting at a stop or in a waiting room, it is a waiting situation.

    Some of the advantages of digital signage are local adaptability, fast and individual content change, targeted customer approach and cost advantages as well as a relatively low effort.

    Digital signage is not only displays.

    The area can be roughly divided into 4 parts: Hardware, software, accessories and service.

    The software plays a major role in digital signage. For this purpose, certain content management systems (CMS) are used, which are set up in a user-friendly way and can often be configured without training.

    The whole thing can often only be assembled by experts in this field who have the background knowledge and technical know how. That is why professional service is very important.

    In-house solutions

    Digital signage systems are increasingly being used not only for marketing purposes, but also within a company. Examples are greetings of customers, signage, displaying certain plans or other information, which can be controlled by a computer and sent anywhere in the house.

    We will help you to find the right one for your application, tailor-made.