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Your powerful partner for video conferences

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Our video conferencing solutions are used by companies of all sizes around the world.

As an independent partner, we implement tailor-made solutions for your video conference.

From the conversion of existing video conference technology to new planning. We realize integrated solutions for your video conferences. Simple, clever and smart – these are the requirements we use to design video conferencing solutions for you.

Professional video conferencing technology offers you the necessary IT security in your video conference, allows group conferences and enables integration into corporate communication via Exchange Server or comparable systems.

Rely on experience and the highest level of competence for over 30 years and also benefit from an all-round service unique in Germany.

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Are you planning to modernise or rebuild your video conferencing technology?

Analysis, planning, installation - all from one source.

CISCO Webex Room Kit Plus

We modernize your conference room.

If you are planning a reconstruction or modernization of your conference room, highly competent experts are at your disposal as professional planners for video conferences with PIK AG.

After an on-site analysis of the actual state, we will show you modern modernization possibilities for your budget.

Our video conferencing systems save time and money, are environmentally friendly and contribute to a good work-life balance for employees.

Profit from our more than 30 years of know how. All over Germany. Fast. System independent.

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Advantages of our video conferencing systems

This way you benefit from modern video conferencing technology

Professional video conferencing solutions offer numerous advantages for companies, employees and business partners.

Video conferencing is establishing itself more and more in companies. After all, the innovative technology reduces time-consuming and expensive business trips and meetings. Virtual meetings are characterized by increased efficiency and flexibility. The potential of these modern systems is enormous and a benefit for all users.

In modern companies, the ecological aspect now far exceeds the economic aspect. Nowadays we can hardly afford to waste them.

  • There is more time for essentials.
  • More intensive cooperation with geographically distant business partners and employees of our own international locations.
  • Increased efficiency: Team productivity is increased through direct dialogue and time savings.
  • Video conferencing promotes fast decision-making.
  • Optimal for in-house training and training across all locations.
  • Optimization of internal and external communication.
  • The environment is protected.
  • Extreme cost saving – Extreme time saving.

The 5 most important questions about video conferencing:

  • Should video conferencing be possible in the conference room, at work or on the road using a mobile phone? Or everywhere at once?
  • Should it be integrated into the corporate structure or function independently?
  • Does the customer want to keep any necessary infrastructure in-house or can we provide a secure cloud solution?
  • How many participants should be possible?
  • Should the session be recorded or even streamed so that external or all employees at the workplace can watch?

All these questions lead to our possible solutions. Of course, one of the decisive factors is whether a solution from a manufacturer, e.g. Polycom, LifeSize< or CISCO, already exists in your company. A system change is not necessary under all circumstances, you could use the existing and add individual wishes.

Other important issues are the room furnishings with light, the room acoustics and the colour scheme. Many improvements can be achieved here with little effort.

As you can see, it’s worth talking to our expert consultants about video conferencing as well as audio and video solutions in a professional environment.

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Alexander Boskugel

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Our service

So that you can enjoy your new technology for a long time to come, we also offer you the appropriate service. From the installation, technical support to the maintenance contract.

Just talk to us. We will be happy to advise you without obligation.

We usually reply within 2 hours.


    The conference room and its equipment

    For us, our offer does not end with the video conferencing system, but here our passion really begins.

    The technique of unfolding all possibilities, such as cameras, microphone technology, displays, projection etc., is an easy exercise for us. It becomes interesting when we are allowed to advise you also with regard to the interior design, such as materials, colours and light.

    If you decide on your own conference room, pay attention to certain criteria already during the planning stage. These include above all the lighting, the positioning of the video conference technology and the general equipment of the room.

    Konferenzraum aus Berlin von PIK AG
    Konferenzraum Ausstattung

    The right room atmosphere for successful meetings.

    The users of the conference room should feel comfortable during the conversation. With decorative elements, colours and materials you give the room a pleasant atmosphere, which has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate. The furnishing itself is based on clear designs and functionality.

    Our tip: A conference table in an elongated form offers space for seating on both sides. Special video conference furniture such as media trolleys or media cupboard trolleys complement the equipment.

    Make sure that the room is illuminated indirectly and evenly. This is because your video conference system transmits the image quality it produces due to the lighting conditions in the room. Direct and poorly planned lighting has a negative effect on the quality of the image recording.

    The acoustics of the room must be dampened. This is done by sound-absorbing elements that reduce reverberation. Every conversation partner will feel more comfortable.

    For your individual needs, we will put together your conference room, which is perfectly adapted to your spatial requirements.

    Let us give you competent advice and benefit from modern systems, intelligent solutions and reliable video conferencing technology.


    Our references include hundreds of conference rooms, which we have successfully equipped with video conferencing technology. Among the most renowned are the Max Planck Society, the Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt or the RBB.

    The right system for your company

    The range of video communication solutions extends from simple and particularly affordable desktop systems to sophisticated room systems.

    Software solutions for desktop systems as a low-cost solution

    Low costs and the use of your own desktop/laptop are typical features of a desktop system. The video communication solution as software is integrated into the PC and requires only an (external) camera and a headset. During the video meeting the user accesses his own data if required and exchanges their contents with the discussion participants. This enables the immediate and joint editing and processing of information and offers numerous other advantages.

    Mobile video conference technology with set-top boxes

    Settop boxes and rollabouts are among the compact systems. As mobile systems, they only require a monitor and a corresponding network connection via LAN at the current location. These systems are ideal for mobile use and offer optimum flexibility in practical application.

    Videokonferenz Desktop
    Poly G750

    Room system Poly G7500

    Room systems are among the most powerful video communication solutions on the market. They adapt individually to the needs of the company and convince through high flexibility. Room systems for video conferences use powerful cameras, special room microphones and large monitors. These systems focus on high performance in the overall package and meet the highest requirements by adapting to individual needs without compromise.

    Which video conferencing hardware is the right one?

    Positioning cameras, monitors and microphones correctly

    The elementary components of video conferencing technology include cameras, monitors and microphones. Make sure that you have the optimum positioning and a sufficiently large number of available components. This applies especially to monitors and microphones.

    Powerful video conferencing with multiple cameras

    Ideally, the cameras are mounted at a height of 90 to 150 centimetres. For the optimum distance, use the distance of the monitors from the conference topics as an orientation aid. During the videoconference, pay attention to the maximum coverage area of the camera and place a corresponding marker in the room. Especially in large rooms, this prevents individual participants from being invisible in the transmission or outside persons from unintentionally entering the picture.

    A high quality and powerful video conferencing system can use several cameras, each with different tasks.

    • Camera 1 produces an overall picture of the videoconference participants.
    • Camera 2 focuses on the current speaker.
    • and so on
    Schwarze LifeSize 700 Kamera halb schräge Perspektive

    Recording range microphones

    Here the room is decisive for the choice of microphones. Various solutions are available: Usually on the table, but in the ceiling would be a particularly elegant solution. Or the microphone could be attached to the front of the display like a soundbar.

    The distance between the microphone and the speaker must not be too great for an easily understandable speech transmission. Adjust the number of available microphones to the current situation.

    Our experts will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

    SHURE Deckenmikrofon

    Ceiling microphone from SHURE

    Poly X50

    Requirements for the monitor

    In order to be able to concentrate fully on the content during the video conference, high-quality images are a prerequisite. These provide above all technologically powerful and large monitors. Particularly when presenting several graphics or other information in the context of picture-in-picture display, the available monitor surface is often too small. Therefore the use of a second monitor is often advisable.

    Videokonferenz Videokonferenztechnik aus Berlin

    Room systems for video technology


    The conference room is often the first starting point for the desire to be equipped with video conference technology. The fixed or mobile room system is the most natural way to experience video conferencing in addition to telepresence. Your conversation partner sits face to face with you in roughly the same size, you talk freely and experience video conferencing to perfection.

    Whether you are conferencing with only one or several participants at the same time, technical advice and implementation is reliably provided by us.

    Also as a mobile system always the right solution.

    Videotechnik mobil

    Static video conferencing is only one component in the communication solution for companies. The desire today is for flexible, mobile everywhere you go solutions.

    Either available at your workstation as software for existing PCs, for retrieval from the server or also available for all types of smartphones, you can participate in video conferences at any time.

    The possibilities are manifold, the solutions we find for you are individual.

    Today we communicate across all system boundaries – with video conferencing systems.

    Videokonferenzen sind zeitsparend

    Today, a video conference is no longer bound to rigid rooms or telephone lines. It should work between room systems, mobile phones, desktop workstations in the office or at home and between systems from any manufacturer.

    And usually without ongoing connection costs in perfect HD quality. So you can experience every emotion of your conversation partner. With perfectly planned systems, we manage to make you forget after a short time that you are not sitting in the same room.

    Our references for video conferencing systems

    Videoconference from the Huddle Room

    Develop and present ideas together.

    The Huddle Room is also the video conference room in many companies. Its design and equipment make it the ideal setting for developing and continuing innovative ideas and efficient solutions. More and more often, teams retreat into this room, develop their ideas undisturbed and then present them to an external group of people in a video conference. But what exactly is behind Huddle Rooms?

    Huddle Room Videokonferenz

    Huddle Rooms – Definition

    Huddle is a term from the sport, especially American football. Here the team stands in a circle, grabs each other by the shoulders and discusses further game tactics. In principle, nothing else happens in Huddle Rooms, where the teams meet with clients for spontaneous or planned exchanges of ideas, brainstorming or project consultation.

    Huddle rooms are usually small rooms for working groups of three to six team members. Rooms that are often empty or hardly used in many companies. With a Huddle Room in your company you promote teamwork, the skills of your employees and result-oriented working.

    Huddle Rooms offer numerous advantages

    The unbureaucratic and team-oriented working meetings of the members of a team in the Huddle Room bring numerous advantages. The group meets much more frequently for a quick and efficient exchange of ideas. This continuous sharing of ideas, their presentation and the activities derived from them make an important contribution to successful team building. After all, the close cooperation motivates and promotes fun at work. This in turn has an effect on the productivity of the individual team members.

    An equally weighty argument for Huddle Rooms is the concentration of the working group on one topic. Because in this room, everyone is sufficiently far away from their actual workplace and thus also from the distractions and disturbances associated with it. This situation and the creative working method in the Huddle Room promote concentration, creativity and the quality of the results.

    If the Huddle Room is equipped with a video conferencing system, the teams often supplement their collaboration with external participants. This can be the customer himself, who is actively involved in the development process, employees from more distant company locations or external consultants.

    Huddle Room Videokonferenzen
    Huddle Room Videokonferenz Ausstattung

    Huddle Rooms equipment

    The furnishing of these rooms is based on the requirements of teamwork. This includes a video conference system as well as a sufficiently large (round) table.

    Usually a large central table dominates the room and offers sufficient working space in every situation. Make sure you create a relaxing atmosphere in the Huddle Room. Comfortable chairs, stools, perhaps a cosy seating group or even cushions on the floor complement this basic equipment and transform the surroundings into a modern and relaxed workplace. A situation that has a particularly motivating effect on employees and thus enhances performance.

    As practical and indispensable as the digitalisation of our workspaces is, the Huddle Room also includes analogue work aids. Flipchart, whiteboard magnet boards and a set of moderation cards and thick felt pens should be standard.

    According to the motto “Bring your own device”, a WLAN connection is indispensable in these rooms in order to bring ideas into shape together, present them or introduce them to a wider audience via video conference.

    Huddle Rooms are modern workplaces that encourage team building, provide a modern work environment and make employees enjoy their work, thus increasing their productivity.

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    Profit from our unique full service!

    Video conferences facilitate your worldwide communication, make it more efficient, save time and help to reduce costs.

    Modern systems are composed of a multitude of individual components. Cameras, displays, microphones and loudspeakers interact to create a perfect and trouble-free connection to your business partners.

    At times, repairs of individual components are unavoidable, but thanks to our operational readiness they are quickly remedied. Using the most modern measuring instruments, we can determine and eliminate the source of the error. We are networked throughout Germany and have many partners. Through real-time monitoring of your systems and a comprehensive managed service for all media technology, we offer not only much more favourable conditions, but also an all-round maintenance service that can almost guarantee technical availability.

    Many well-known customers already trust us. Take a look at our references and learn about renowned projects and their successful implementation. We offer you high-quality services and professional competence on a high level.

    Our references include hundreds of video conferences, which we have successfully implemented. Among the most renowned references are the Max-Planck Society, the Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt, or the RBB.

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