Zoomrooms and workspaces

zoomrooms and workspaces

Innovative video conference room solution

Zoom Room

As a software-defined video conferencing system, Zoom Rooms and Workspacesis suitable for conference rooms of various sizes. This innovative solution is a platform that combines video conferencing, audio and content sharing for desktops and mobile devices.

One of the main advantages of Zoom Rooms and Workspaces is that they use existing standard video technology and other hardware. This reduces the effort for platform integration to a minimum.

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Benefit from Zoom Rooms and Workspaces

The Zoom Rooms and Workspaces video conferencing system offers your company only advantages. Because it is just as suitable for virtual presentations as it is for training all employees at different locations. Especially in combination with Zoom Video Webinar you can use this innovative solution for large events. You can share your meetings or events with other interested parties live or on demand.

  • Webinars with up to 200 interactive video participants or 3,000 passive webinar participants.
  • Adapts to conference rooms of any size.
  • Own media library: Record webinars and lectures, subtitle them and make them available on demand.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis on registrations, participants and other topics.
  • For Zoom typical flexible registration management and numerous integration options for CRM systems.
  • Communicate with any system from desktop to whiteboards to H.323/SIP endpoints from vendors such as Cisco, Lifesize, and Polycom.

To control zoom rooms and workspaces you need a controller. This can be an iPad or mobile devices with the Windows or Android operating systems. Alternatively, a standalone device can be used for control.

Maximum flexibility at reduced costs

Zoom Rooms and Workspaces has a positive effect on costs by using already existing video technology and hardware. Additionally, you can present and share all content wirelessly directly from your laptop or mobile device. This eliminates the need for complex cabling and adapters required for connectivity. The video conferencing software works seamlessly with all desktops, smartphones and digital whiteboards. This also applies to third-party H.323/SIP endpoints such as Polycom, Lifesize, and Cisco.

Zoom Rooms and Workspaces are administered centrally via a single portal and optional features such as digital signage and room booking functions are indispensable, especially in large companies.

Of particular interest are the extensive archiving functions of all automatically recorded meetings and team chats in the archive, which has a special search function. By integrating it into your calendar, you can plan and start meetings directly from Outlook, iCal or Google. And since an instant message is often enough in the current situation, Zoom Rooms and Worksapces also offers this option. Share image, text or audio files with other user devices such as desktops, tablets, laptops and various mobile devices.

Videokonferenzsoftware Zoomroom
Videokonferenzsoftware Zoomroom Webinare

The most important webinar features of Zoom Video Webinar

Zoom video webinar offers you all the prerequisites for successful webinars. Regardless of whether you provide them live or on demand.

  • Webinars with up to 100 interactive video participants and up to 10,000 passive participants
  • Add toll-free calls (toll-free for premium audio).
  • Enhance the effect through on demand or recurring webinars.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis on participants, surveys, participant participation and questions and answers for follow-up.
  • Question & Answer Dialog Box
  • For Zoom typical and flexible registration management and numerous integration possibilities for CRM systems, video platforms or marketing automation systems.
  • With Zoom Video Webinars you are live on air.
  • Broadcast your event live or on demand via social media channels.
  • Event assistance by Zoom’s experienced team for major events from planning to live transmission.

ZOOM – The revolution of your video conference.

With its range of different cloud platforms, Zoom is one of the leading providers in the segment of innovative solutions for webinars and virtual video conference rooms.

As standard-based video conferencing software, all Zoom products work seamlessly with a wide range of end devices and video conferencing technology components.

We realize ZOOM complete solutions. All over Germany. Fast. Cross-System.

Everything about Zoom.

Virtual live events with zoom video webinars

Webinars are proving more and more to be a useful addition to a product portfolio, for internal training in globally represented companies or for broadcasting a wide variety of events. Webinars are also becoming increasingly important in online marketing and for providers of further training. Zoom video webinars provide you with the technical basis for the realisation of corresponding projects. The modern video conferencing software from Zoom complements your existing video conferencing technology and is a reliably secure cloud-based video system.

Videokonferenzsoftware Zoomroom Webinare

Multimedia and interactivity as the basis of a good webinar

The multimedia functions and interactive features are at the heart of the powerful and reliable video conferencing software that delivers your events and webinars in the highest quality. However, Zoom Video Webinars is not only characterized by its high recording and transmission quality, but also by its extensive functionalities and high security standards.

Zoom Video Webinars is a cloud-based, cross-platform solution for mobile devices and desktops and supports all major operating systems. The software can be operated intuitively and is therefore particularly user-friendly. Thus, your focus is on your webinar and its content and not on the technology.

Share desktop content with webinar participants with a single click and go live on air or integrate the webinar into social media channels. Automatically record webinars and presentations in your own media library, provide subtitles if required and make them available on demand.

Various control functions support the interaction of active participants with the audience. Mute and reactivate discussion participants as required. Or promote an inactive participant to a discussion participant. In addition, the chat function is available for private or group discussions as another important function.

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