Managed Services For Your Media Technology

Leasing was yesterday. Managed services is today.

Premium service for you

We offer Managed Services for media technology, which enable you to have ready to use technology around you at all times. We solve problems before you even know it.

Our Managed Services secure and optimize the availability and operational reliability of your media technology. On request, we can also automatically generate capacity utilisation of rooms, availabilities and service applications.

You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. All services related to your media technology or conference technology are covered by a monthly payment. The media technology hardware as well as maintenance and upgrades are completely taken over by us, so that you can concentrate on your daily business.

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The 3 major advantages of our Managed Services

Less investment, more services!


100% technical readiness for use

Through services such as monitoring, lifecycle management and remote maintenance, we aim to achieve 100% operational readiness of your technology.


All in one monthly payment. With leasing.

Think about it: Instead of large one-off investments in hardware, you would rather have calculable costs through a monthly payment. Do not own, but use! By leasing your media technology, you will always remain up to date.


Proactive support

Extremely short reaction times through real-time analysis of your hardware - before it burns. Remote service, help desk and more.

Ready for action at any time!

Advantages of our Managed Services in detail

For a smart way of working together

  • The aim is to have 100% technical readiness.
  • No high one-off purchase investment that reduces your liquidity.
  • Faster and more detailed support, support assistance via monitoring.
  • The technology is always state-of-the-art and is regularly renewed without having to increase the monthly rate.
  • All services, repairs and replacement of the equipment are included.
  • Always the most modern and up-to-date technology.
  • Predictable and calculable costs through a modern type of leasing.
  • No long write-offs. Costs can be claimed immediately each month.
  • Thanks to the monitoring system, failures can often be remedied remotely at short notice.
  • No complex planning and administration for media technology.
  • Fully automatic reporting of upcoming service calls (e.g. lamp replacement or filter cleaning for projectors).
  • Evaluation of space and media use (e.g. use of VC systems).

Added value of our Managed Services

  • Technical readiness for use at 100%
  • Guaranteed recovery time
  • Free replacement units
  • No investment costs
  • Direct depreciation of costs
  • All services included

Services that make this possible:

  • Help Desk
  • Availability through monthly instalments
  • Monitoring
  • Provision of replacement equipment
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Ticket system

How leasing media technology makes everything better

Tailor-made financing models for every size of company

The most modern technology at all times – with leasing.

Replacing your hardware with newer versions

The most obvious reason for financing by leasing is to replace your media technology – hardware in the case of technological developments. Your technology is always up to date, with the latest features and current improvements in technology.

More flexibility

Adaptation to your business development phase

If you need more or less technology, or if your media technology is to be expanded with new functions, media technology leasing is a good option for expanding and adapting your media technology systems.

Immediate operating output

Cash Back Feeling

In the case of financing through leasing, your monthly instalments are immediately booked as operating expenses, thus ensuring a clear cost calculation.

More liquidity

Less is more

Compared to the purchase of media technology hardware, which can be quite cost-intensive, the liquidity of your company is significantly spared and thus offers you more freedom in your decisions.

Improved rating

No reduction in the equity ratio

Since the rented products remain the property of the supplier, they do not reduce the equity ratio of your company. This in turn always leads to a more positive rating by the banks.

Individual needs

Perfect for your company

We tailor the financing perfectly to your company’s needs, ensuring that you do not spend too much or too little on hardware and budget.

For what size of company are Managed Services recommended?

Our Managed Services are basically available for all sizes of companies.

Small and medium-sized companies often have few free resources to deal with IT and media technology maintenance in addition to their core business. In addition, our Managed Services make it possible to calculate the leasing costs precisely.

For larger companies, the organisation, control and maintenance is made much easier for you.

Failures of important video conferences etc. are reduced to a minimum or do not happen at all.

Let us advise you. We would be happy to put together an individual managed services package for you.

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Andreas Eckhardt

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Our service

So that you can enjoy your new technology for a long time to come, we also offer you the appropriate service. From the installation, technical support to the maintenance contract.

Just talk to us. We will be happy to advise you without obligation.

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