Cisco Jabber

For cross-device communication

Cisco Jabber

Video conferencing software with convenient functionalities

A typical feature of Cisco Jabber as video conferencing software is the versatility of the communication service, which presents its functionalities on stationary devices just as professionally as on mobile devices. Because the application bundles instant messaging, voice and video communication, web conferencing and desktop sharing in one tool.

Cisco Jabber

Collaboration Power

The cross-device functionality makes Cisco Jabber suitable for PC and Mac as well as smartphones and tablets. The Unified Client is available for all common operating systems from Mac desktop to Android devices or Blackberry.

With just one click you can see whether and via which device your contact person can be reached and get in touch easily. By means of special marking options, you can also see whether your potential contact is available, is in a meeting or should not be disturbed at the moment. If your contact is ready for communication, you can start video and audio communication regardless of where he or she is, in order to work together on a document or find solutions together.

When Cisco WebEx Meetings are available, you invite additional participants and convert the instant messaging communication into a conference call. Because Cisco Jabber works seamlessly with all available Cisco video solutions. With Cisco Jabber, you are always connected to other Cisco solutions within the network because Jabber is always active in the background and automatically logs into the corporate network as soon as it becomes available.

Collaboration application with cross-platform functions

With Cisco Jabber you communicate with your conversation partners in real time inside and outside the company network and benefit from numerous functionalities.

Cisco Jabber
  • One user interface for communication from instant messaging and IP telephony to voice and video conferencing
  • Display of your own availability and that of potential interlocutors.
  • Point-to-point communication with participants inside and outside your company.
  • WebEx Team Messaging with one click.
  • Share and collaborate on files.
  • Cross-platform collaboration between Cisco WebEx teams and Cisco Jabber clients
  • Easily change the means of communication from chat to audio call or video call to web meeting with one click.
  • High security with 265-bit AES encryption and TLS/SSL connections.
  • Assignment of authorizations based on company guidelines.
  • Different deployment models from local application of Cisco Jabber to deployment in the cloud.

In addition, the application can be provided in various modes, from pure instant messaging mode to unified communications mode. The detailed prerequisites depend on the mobile device used. Cisco Jabber is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Cisco WebEX – successful video conferencing software for 30 years

Cisco WebEX is one of the veterans among the software solutions for video conferencing. As early as the 1990s, the software was considered a leading product for web conferences. The modern version of the product is a professional scalable video conferencing system for video conferences and companies with up to 1,000 users. By the access to modularly bookable single solutions you can adjust WebEX individually to the needs of your company.

Cisco Jabber

Functional video conferencing software for modern video conferencing technology

Cisco WebEX is a cross-device solution that you can use on Apple and Android devices just like on your desktop. No additional software downloads or updates are required with digital delivery through the cloud.

Cisco Jabber

Increase the productivity of online meetings with Cisco WebEX and thus the results of your company. The user-oriented collaboration solution supports the flow of information within the company by allowing participants to use any end device from desktop computers to mobile devices of their choice. With the use of WebEX Meetings your employees communicate not only within the corporate firewall but also outside it, taking into account all security policies set by the company. This is ensured by the strict security guidelines and access controls of the Cisco WebEX cloud.

High-definition video and integrated audio features ensure a high-quality display of all content, which is shared in real-time. Share files, applications, or desktops during a meeting to encourage interactive collaboration from anywhere. Integrated multimedia content enhances your presentations. Store and manage shared files in the document library in special folders with version control. This ensures that all changes made can be tracked. The commentary function optimizes collaboration and the indexed search function gives you fast access to the content you need.

Various integrated messaging solutions and applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Office help you to easily plan and start your online meetings with just one click. The administration is uncomplicated and still meets high security standards.

The most important functions at a glance

As cross-platform video conferencing software, Cisco WebEX is a functional and user-oriented solution for successful and efficient online meetings.

  • Share a wide variety of files, applications and desktops.
  • High-definition HD video.
  • Up to seven participants visible at the same time.
  • Voice-activated toggle function shows the current speaker.
  • Central meeting area for approving agendas, action items, meeting notes or other content.
  • Document library with version control.
  • Recording of video conferences.
  • User management via policy controls.
  • Numerous security options like meeting passwords, end-to-end encryption.
  • Data protection and security through strict security regulations for data centres and networks.
  • Highly secure Cisco data centers transmit the data via dedicated fiber optic connections.
Cisco Jabber

Cisco WebEX is a cross-platform cloud-based software solution for video conferencing for Windows, Linux and Mac as well as mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, devices with Android operating systems or Blackberry. As an alternative to the Cisco cloud, it can be installed locally as a “private cloud” on its own servers on site.

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