Polycom Real Presence Mobile

Functional video conferencing software for mobile devices

Polycom Real Presence Mobile Trio

Polycom Real Presence Mobile for Android and iOS

The Polycom Real Presence Mobile video conferencing software provides an easy-to-use collaboration app for high-quality video conferencing with all the benefits. During a video conference, share a variety of content via smartphone and tablet, personalize your participation with custom banners, or use the whiteboard to optimize the results of your video conference.

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Functional video conferencing software for mobile devices

Polycom RealPresence Mobile is available for Android and iOS and offers industry-leading interoperability and security in addition to comprehensive functionality. The video conferencing software is highly compatible with all standards-based room systems, endpoints, and video applications. When you enter the video conferencing room with your device, it connects to the existing video conferencing technology. In this way, your mobile device automatically provides you with comprehensive room control functions and presentation features such as access to directories on a stationary computer or control of the room system.

The intuitive user interface provides you with various information such as call statistics or the signal transmission protocol used. You can deactivate video and microphone or perform an active camera change. Sending content is also quick and easy with just one click.

An indispensable topic is the security of your video conference. Therefore, the transmission is encrypted. H.460/NAT firewall traversal provides additional security and reliably establishes the required IP connection. It is also possible to use your own certificates by integrating the system into your own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

Polycom Real Presence Mobile Trio
POLYCOM Real Presence Mobil

Polycom RealPresence supports a wide range of tablets and smartphones with the Android and iOS operating systems. Like all Polycom products, RealPresence Mobile video conferencing software is designed for large rollouts and serves as an enterprise-wide solution for up to 50,000 mobile devices.

Optimal collaboration through comprehensive functionalities

Polycom RealPresence Mobile is the ideal extension for comprehensive video collaboration and perfects the existing video conferencing system. Benefit from the numerous functionalities that the video conferencing software for mobile devices offers.

  • Share high quality audio, video and other content directly from your device
  • You control your room-based video conferencing system directly from your iPad or tablet.
  • Virtual business cards identify the user including his location and title.
  • Notes function for documents, office files and images stored in the cloud or locally.
  • Participation in video conferences via meeting link.
  • Use a digital whiteboard on which you work with the other participants at the same time.
  • Easily browse the corporate directory to connect to other immersive telepresence environments, mobile users, meeting rooms or desktop PCs with a single click.

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